Wednesday, April 17, 2013

gardening, continued..

On the way home today we scooped up a bagful of dry leaves that are collecting on the school oval. They form the third layer in our no-dig veggie bed.
With the cool weather starting to settle in, the leaves were plentiful.
(There was a bit of leaf throwing and giggling before the task was complete.)

Then we were home to finish the first layer; soaked newspaper, ten layers..

... followed by a trip to our lovely friend to pick up a sack of grass clippings (second layer).
The dry leaves went thickly on top of the clippings...

... and were watered in with diluted molasses. Chook pellets went down next, then a good helping of lucerne hay. Watered in with more molasses.
At which point we'd all had enough.
We went to do some guinea pig wrangling; they were free-ranging in the backyard. We wanted to put the little critters away in case the predicted storm came through. Ten minutes later they were safely tucked up in hay with some fresh food.

Tomorrow, we'll finish the layers. Manure and lucerne, alternating, followed by compost and mulch on top. Tomorrow...or Friday.. or Saturday...
But I'm inspired to finish so we can get to the really good part. Planting out our seeds which arrived yesterday. I've got mini-greenhouses, jiffy pots and some ideas for newspaper pots.
Should be fun!

Keep you posted...


  1. Wow, you're really an expert with this stuff. I am so impressed with your techniques. I can't wait to see your garden. :)

  2. Wow, it looks great. I need to tackle our vege garden to get it planted up for winter. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. Loving your space here, like minds I think. Elaina xo


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