Thursday, April 25, 2013

planting the seeds...

A day at home. Another magnificent autumn day.
It was lovely weather to be outside, so we all headed into the garden. While PK chopped and mulched, the girls and I got on with our garden project. With the beds finished and resting for two weeks, it's time for us to try out our seeds.
The carrot seeds are on hold. They need to be sown directly into the beds. Both girls have opted for carrots and I am a bit concerned about how they'll go. In a no-dig bed, the layers may be a little fresh and firm for good results. Carrots ideally need soft well-turned soil so they can develop without splitting. With this in mind we've opted for a variety that grows in little balls. Interesting. Will keep you posted.
We decided to put the capsicum seeds into jiffy pots. This way we can transplant them without having to disturb the delicate root structure. 
The spinach, rocket, celery and tomato seeds have gone into coir seed raising mix. Well grow these in little greenhouses and then hopefully thin and transplant in 2-3 weeks.
I guess a lot of this project is about experimentation. We've got all manner of soil bases and techniques. It will be good to see which works best. I'm also hoping our warm subtropical climate will support these particular seeds. Ideally we should be looking at more winter crops, such as beans, beets and potatoes. But the girls just weren't interested, even after explaining about seasons. I'm planning to grow these winter crops in my beds. If they work, maybe the girls will have a better understanding of seasonality...

The girls wrote labels and soaked jiffy pots. But the most fun was had soaking and squishing the coir block. I hadn't used this stuff before but it turned out to be super easy. It's light, holds moisture well, and hopefully will give our delicate seeds a good start.
After we had finished, I lay on the grass and looked at the sky...


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